Connections Workers

The Connections Workers makes first contact with clients, following acceptance into the treatment program through our intake process and follows up with them, while awaiting admission. Clients must maintain weekly phone contact with their Connections Worker in order to keep their admission date, due to the lengthy wait list. Failing to do so will result in a cancelled admission and the client will need to be re-referred and placed back on the wait list for admission. The Connections Worker will gather necessary information prior to admission such as TB test results, urine screen reports, any change of personal information or in use of alcohol and or drugs. Failure to provide this information, or providing false information may result in a non-admission. The Connections Worker will be the main contact person for all clients waiting for admission and you may contact them at any time should you have further questions or concerns prior to your arrival. The Connections Workers also maintains regular contact with clients who have completed treatment, for a period of up to 6 months. During that time they will provide you with helpful information on relapse prevention as well as inquire if you are following through with your Aftercare Plan. You may also be asked to share in our Newsletter which is produced in part by our Connections Worker.