Women’s After Care

It is our objective to help prevent the return of the client to substance abuse and to help her rebuild her life with dignity and respect, through a long-term aftercare program designed to help women recovering from substance abuse.

Through individual counselling, aftercare group therapy, and life skills programs, we explore the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approach to recovery with the woman, to assist her in achieving long-term sobriety and to encourage her to become an independent, self-sustaining, contributing member of the community.

Emotional stability is experienced by learning new coping skills and strategies in daily living, enhancing interpersonal relationship skills, and upgrading living skills, such as budgeting, and time management.



  • Women (16 years and older) must be alcohol free, a minimum of 21 days and drug free, a minimum of 28 days
  • Have preferably participated in a Treatment Program.
  • Have demonstrated a personal commitment to recovery

We also offer a safe, affordable (rent geared-to-income) After Care Residence which has two apartments with a total of 8 bedrooms and requires a minimum commitment of 4 months, with a maximum stay of up to 8 months. Residents purchase their own food and participate in regular household chores. For information contact  Colette at 674-4193 ext. 2245

Intake – Call toll free : 1 877 431-6713 or 705 674-5090  or 705-674-4193 ext. 2225



 2020 Monarch Women’s AfterCare Referral Package

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