Men’s After Care and Transition Program

This program provides accommodations to men who have completed a residential treatment program. The purpose is to assist them in recovery by offering an affordable, abstinent based, cooperative and empowering transition home in close proximity to the Level One facility, for support. The suggested length of stay is six months. Clients are required to attend regular weekly aftercare as well as self-help meetings as a part of their recovery program. Rent is geared-to-income and the men will their own food and participate in weekly chores.

As part of the transition program Monarch – Men’s site also hosts a weekly Aftercare meeting that is open to those in the aftercare stage of their recovery. The aftercare meeting allows clients a venue to check in and discuss ongoing issues within their recovery; as well as an educational portion of the meeting. The meeting is held Wednesday evenings, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, at the Men’s site at 402 Brady. For more information or to register please contact the Transition worker at (705) 674-4193 X3246.