We Are Open!

WE ARE OPEN!!! Just a little differently than before!
During this unprecedented time, Monarch Recovery Services is being sure to take all precautions to keep Clients and Staff safe! In order to do so, we have revamped programming to work within the Public Health Unit guidelines!

For more information, please call 705-674-4193 X2225 (Women) or 705-674-4193 X3224 (Men).

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Monarch Recovery Services has substance abuse services in Sudbury for many steps of your recovery. All of our programs allow you to slowly build your wings, preparing you to take flight in your new life in recovery.

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We are a not-for-profit, charitable organization. Your donation will be used directly towards the delivery of recovery programs and substance abuse services for our clients and their families. We will not share your contact information with any other organization.

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Monarch Recovery Services


Administration/Women's Treatment

405 Ramsey Rd. Sudbury, Ontario P3E 2Z5

  • T: 705.674.4193 x 2221
  • TF: 1.877.431.6713
  • F: 705.674.8002

Men's Recovery Home

402 Brady St. Sudbury, Ontario P3B 2P6

  • T: 705.674.4193 x 3224
  • F: 705.671.8069

Women's After Care

260 Oak St. Sudbury, Ontario P3C 1M9

  • T: 705.674.4193 x 2245
  • F: 705.673.6919

Men's Transition Home

396 Brady St. Sudbury, Ontario P3B 2P6

  • T: 705-674-4193 X3246

Men's Day Treatment

3–17 Frood Rd., Box 4 Sudbury, Ontario P3C 4Y9

  • T: 705-674-4193 X3224