Pregnancy/Parenting Outreach Program (PPOP)

This program is a harm reduction program for pregnant or parenting mothers or fathers with children 6 years old and younger. The PPOP Case Managers help support individuals to learn and develop a variety of skills. Case managers will help clients to build stronger coping strategies, to learn harm reduction or relapse prevention strategies, to deal more effectively with anger and to strengthen parenting skills. Case managers can also help support clients with court proceedings and advocate for them in the community, with other involved agencies. The goal of the PPOP program is to help individuals to feel more empowered and confident in recovery. Case Managers meet with clients on a weekly basis in their homes or where they feel comfortable. When progress and stability are shown for a period of time, the discharge process will be initiated and appropriate referrals to other services in the community will be made. There are also parent education/support groups on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Clients are invited to attend group with their children and are encouraged to make connections and build support with other mothers/fathers in recovery. Snacks and childcare are provided at each group, as well as bus tickets to and from groups.



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