Referrals to our women’s treatment program must go through our Assessment/Intake worker who will gather information necessary to determine appropriateness for our program. This information can be gathered in person by making a face to face appointment meeting with the Assessment/Intake worker, or by phone. We require a completed standard provincial assessment tool (GAIN) to be completed as part of the referral process. This can usually be done by an addiction service in your home community; however, if no such service is available, then the Assessment/Intake worker can do this with you. Once a referral package is completed, it will be brought forth to the treatment team at an intake meeting, to determine appropriateness for our program. If accepted, the women will be notified and placed on the wait list for an admission date. We cannot offer an admission if the referral process is incomplete.

When the women arrive for admission, the Assessment/Intake worker may conduct a drug test to determine any recent substances used. A positive drug test may result in non-admission. For those cleared for admission, the Assessment/Intake worker will facilitate your admission and assign you to aroom.

You can contact the Assessment/Intake worker directly by calling 705-674-5090 or 1-877-431-6713 x 2225. The referral package is available via e-mail at: info.women@srmonarchrs.ca


Monarch Recovery Services – Men’s Programs can be accessed by speaking with the Assessment Co-ordinator at 705-674-4193 x 3224 or via e-mail at: info.men@srmonarchrs.ca.

Monarch Recovery Services does accept applications from clients with co-occurring and concurrent disorders and may request additional information before considering applications. Please see Men’s site referral package for a complete application checklist. The referral package is available via e-mail at: info.men@srmonarchrs.ca.